Market Allocation Process (MAP)

A solid basis for your performance

Tactical allocation plays a major role in enhancing returns therefore we developed 1875 MAP.

Portfolio performance and efficiency

1875 MAP is a unique, robust and replicable process resulting from over twenty years’ experience. Based on a multi-factor model, it is designed to deliver an optimal investment grid for each portfolio, backed by a specific strategic allocation. This methodology relies on the systematic analysis of the evolution of 2’500 economic and financial variables, thereby excluding any subjective factor, and aims to generate sustainable outperformance relative to the benchmarks.

  • Steady excess returns
  • Reducing risks
  • Anticipating stock market movements
  • Understanding valuation distortions
  • Integrating structural and cyclical changes
  • Predicting exposure changes
  • Transparency and efficiency


Relevant integration of ESG criteria

We share the concerns of our investors regarding good governance standards and sustainable development. Our organization is ideally positioned when it comes to avoiding conflicts of interest. As PRI (UN Principles for Responsible Investment) signatories, we believe that an appropriate integration of environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) principles improves portfolio efficiency. As our approach is grounded in open architecture, we rely on the analyses undertaken by partners who are pioneers and key players in the field of sustainable investing.