A combination of performance and sustainability

Investing implies allocating the capital entrusted to us with the aim of achieving our clients’ investment objectives. In order to identify these objectives, we pay particular attention when listening to, analysing and understanding their expectations. 1875 FINANCE’s investment philosophy rests on five major principles:

  • steady recurring returns above our defined benchmark
  • management which corresponds to our client’s investment profile or commitment, while keeping a stable level of risk over time
  • reduced risk of losses during bear markets in order to ensure better capital preservation
  • quality, transparency, liquidity and sustainability when allocating assets, whether in direct investments or in investment funds
  • a lasting relationship with clients based on trust and communication.

Considering that 80% of a diversified portfolio’s performance comes from market risk exposure, 1875 FINANCE’s investment management process focuses mainly on tactical allocation.

One model, three strategies

MAP Fund Management seeks to consistently and sustainably generate steady returns in excess of the defined benchmark. This objective is met by using a robust dynamic tactical allocation process, based on a multi-factor model which integrates all the underlying sources of risk and return in the financial markets, as well as the relevant environmental (E), social (S) and governance (G) criteria.


Performance factors